Eberhard J., German botanist and anatomist, 1702-1758. See: Wachendorf membrane.
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Wachendorf C (2015) Effects of liming and mineral N on initial decomposition of soil organic matter and post harvest root residues of poplar.
Almost all of these incidents involved firearms, as was the case when Guardsmen killed a worker in the village of Wachendorf in September 1920 on the grounds that he was stealing potatoes.
Column: Defense cuts will last longer than predicted If history serves as a guide, the recent round of defense cuts will last longer than initially planned, defense experts Ajay Patel and Ben Wachendorf write.
Ben Wachendorf. He said top commanders might consider reviving crew-swaps--flying replacement sailors to a forward port to relieve a ship's company when its time at sea is over, keeping the ship at sea for extended periods of time.
(18.) Wachendorf, V., "Untersuchungthermooxidativer Veranderungen an Polymeren durch Chemilumineszenz," dissertation published by Dr.
Wachendorf M, Buchter M, Trott H, Taube F (2004) Performance and environmental effects of forage production on sandy soils.
FAISALABAD, September 29, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Three member delegation of University of Kassel headed by Dean Michael Wachendorf visited UAF in order to strengthen ties between both educational institutions.
The other two walls of the court are formed in concrete, rough poured to show its aggregates as almost geological strata like the concrete at Zumthor's Bruder Klaus chapel at Wachendorf.
"That's the type of marketing the little guys are doing to draw attention," said Adam Wachendorf, director of operations, for the three-store, Chicago-based chain.
Experiments were established on permanent grassland (1.8 ha in total) to compare grassland management systems for white clover performance, N losses via leaching and denitrification, along with yield and quality of herbage (Trott et al., 2004; Wachendorf et al., 2004a; Lampe et al., 2004).