Erik, 20th-century Norwegian biologist. See: Rose-Waaler test.
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We tested the serum of each participant for IgM-RF using the IMMESCO-RF kit (INMESCO GmbH-Neustadt//Wied, Germany) according to the principle of Waaler Rose technique.
Contract award: delivery of the assay reagent kits wr, aso, rf, ph waaler rose, mononucleosis and reagents, cell reference, control materials, consumables and supplies for performing assays in the field of serology transfuzjologicznej, along with the lease of two automated analyzers, a manual system as a back up and system including a program of hiv and blood bank - 2 packages.
Jorgen Waaler, CEO of the PSI Group, reckons that the combined label sales of the group will be around $25 million.
It was picked up by Sergeant Waaler flying a Moth the next day.
In the 1940s, Waaler and Rose discovered rheumatoid factor (RF), an autoantibody against the Fc portion of immunoglobulin G (IgG) that eventually lead to the categorization of RA as an autoimmune process.
28 June 2011 - The CEO of Norwegian IT solutions provider PSI Group (OSL:PSI), Jorgen Waaler, is optimistic that the planned rights issue of between NOK60m (USD11m/EUR7.
He thinks his police supervisor, Tom Waaler, is both a murderer and an arms dealer.
For more information: Media Contact: Robert Waaler, Director Marketing, SmartTrust, +46-8-6859300, info@smarttrust.
At the turn of the century all the talk was of a wonderful new time-saving invention by Norwegian Johaan Waaler - the paper clip.
But Rodgers, Spriggs, and Waaler (1997) find that white youths in the NLSY sample had attained more years of schooling at a given age than either Hispanic youths or non-Hispanic black youths.