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WTR previously offered an accounts receivable insurance product on a non-admitted basis through a different insurer.
In the five years of the WTR, its highest rank was 59th in 2014, and ranged from 61st to 63rd in the succeeding years.
In WTR eyes, the PE was -0.52 (p <0.01) as against ATR eyes in which it was -1.00 (p < 0.01).
The WTR uses international statistical data, supplemented by an Executive Opinion Survey, to assess the talent competitiveness of 63 economies based on their ability to develop, attract and retain talent for enterprises.
The Government is proposing a contractual upper limit of 72 hours over a seven-day period for junior doctors which covers those who have opted out of the WTR; the upper limit is currently 91 hours.
Select Energy, which did not disclose the financial terms of the deal, said that it was now in a position to expand its business throughout Canada and benefit from the resulting growth in its service offer.Country: CanadaSector: Petroleum/Natural Gas/CoalTarget: WTR Transfer Services LtdBuyer: Select Energy Services LLC
An exceptional year for Frankel's sire Galileo is underlined by the fact that he supplied 14 three-year-olds and older horses who warrant inclusion in the WTR with ratings of 115 or above.
Graham Birnie commercial director of WTR said: "The addition of these products has helped to greatly increase our portfolio of asset integrity solutions.
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) had given WTR owner Tom Springer 30 days to remove the estimated 30,000 unburned tires because Springer no longer has equipment to process them.
The services, Cable TV Regulation (CTVR), Broadcast Regulation (BR) and Wireless Telecommunications Regulation (WTR), offer desktop access to current and proposed FCC rules and regulatory information relevant to industry compliance.
BR ( covers FCC regulations as applied to radio and TV braoadcasting while WTR ( covers the range of industry rules and regulations pertaining to private radio emergency services, commercial wireless services, communications spectrum and equipment.