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An acronym for Warfarin Optimised Outpatient Follow-Up Study
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The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery (NSID) has developed the latest technological innovation called 'No More Woof.' It reads a dog's mind through electroencephalogram sensors, measuring its brain waves.
Woofs and Wellies walking, from left, are Theresa Freeman and Paul Yates owners of Pet Pals, Jane O'Byrne from the Hospice, Amy Comerford from Copelands and Jeannette Smith and Claire O'Leary from Pet Pals 040913DOGWALK_02 DOUG MOODY
That's all I wanted to know but what was all that woof, woofing stuff about?"
HEEL: MP Steve Rotheram joins Woofs and Wellies walkers at Croxteth Park
WE'VE had Yuppies, Tweenagers, Dinkys and Sinbads - now prepare to meet the Woofs.
Many will be Woofs whose affluence will allow them to trade up to high quality goods and services.
The full litter is Leannes Rhythm, Woofy Woof Woofs, Slobadon, Captain Rhythm, Emmits Rhythm, Big Sexy Rhythm, Brunos Rhythm and Finda Fortune (the only one not owned by me).
There is another edition, with Jonathan Wordsworth's name on the title page, published by Michael Joseph (aka Albion Press: I will refer to it as the Albion edition), but Jonathan Wordsworth wrote the Introduction (considerably less informative than Moorman's or Woofs) and apparently had nothing more to do with the edition.