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An acronym for Warfarin Optimised Outpatient Follow-Up Study
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Caldy's Shaun Woof is ready for Saturday's crunch Nuneaton test
By using Woof Wagon services, pet owners do not have to take their dogs to a groomer.
A long counter-attack left Bristol in disarray and Davies supplied the killer pass for Woof to finish with a sidestep and a blistering show of pace.
Renee and Woof have been together for a long time - he went along for the ride when she set up home with ex-fiance Jim Carrey, and he was also on the scene during his mistress's ill-fated four-month fling with George Clooney.
Woof is the most accurate, but she is not a consistent purist.
As the notes accumulated -- and they are very ample -- Pamela Woof noticed editorial deductions which could not be sustained.
Woof has now earned approval from the Food Standards Agency and has been commended by Defra for its environmental credentials thanks to the link with the Three Kings Brewery.
Fabian Jarrett's Woof Blaster game has been inspired by his memories of playing Super Nintendo as a youngster
The Woof Gang product line includes premium quality pet products such as gourmet baked dog treats, antlers and bones that are sourced and packaged in the U.
So when we met up and put him through his pint-sized poochy paces, we wanted the woof, the whole woof, and nothing but the woof.
CALDY backs coach Shaun Woof believes the club's players are relishing a more expansive approach to matches this season.
AFTER a rugby union career including spells playing professionally for Waterloo, Worcester, Leeds, Birmingham Solihull and Sedgley Park, Shaun Woof has lived through most of the highs and lows the sport can throw up.