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A slang acronym for waste of money, brains and time—something which is regarded as uninteresting and/or useless
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Hannaford went on to describe how a friend had reared young wombats, two of which were taken from the pouch of a mother wombat he had shot.
Squat and thickly furred, wombats are small burrow-dwelling marsupials that walk on all fours and are bear-like in appearance with a wide muzzle and a flattened head.
According to IAT, the E2E Wombat Interface provides reliable high speed market data which, when combined with Orc Liquidator, makes it the right platform to suit the company's needs for algorithmic trading.
He is said to have stated that the placing of the wombat in the epergne inspired the 'dormouse in the tea-pot' incident in Alice in Wonderland, and supports this by saying that Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) was a frequent visitor at Cheyne Walk when he was writing Alice.
At the beginning, Whatley uses great amounts of white space to define and outline the simplicity of the bear-like wombat, which we see alone, sleeping and eating.
In the Wombat Forest, the Bracks government intends to end woodchipping by December 2002 and have the future management of this forest as a mixture of State Park and Community Forest reserve.
In this period a number of new wombats had arrived at the Regent's Park Zoo: a rare, hairy-nosed wombat on 24 July 1862, and two common wombats despatched from the Melbourne Zoo on 18 March 1863.
This has spinoff effects, like the decline of a lot of shrubs, which changes the habitat for animals," such as wombats and other small marsupials.
The actual name is Wombat hp, standing for home professional.
And to make it worse someone else has the Wombat II on GSA for only $4100.
The acronym adopted for these methods is WOMBAT (Word Of Mouth Business Acquisition Tactics).