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This new format will provide "support for multiple pixels depths, support for colourspace tables, small encoding, very low CPU and RAM decoding and presentation demands and allowance" (WAP Forum 1999a, p.
In May, 1998, the WAP Forum announced WAP Version 1.0 as the standard - but not all mobiles support it and mehtods of configuring individual phones for the Net varies from company to company.
The primary goal of the WAP Forum is to ensure interoperability by setting product specifications that will function across all wireless network technologies.
An HDML developers kit was first published by Unwired Planet (now, which was also a founding member of the WAP Forum.
However, in joining the WAP forum and licensing Inc's WAP microbrowser, Palm is showing that it knows the way the wind is blowing in the handheld market.
Alcatel plans to join the WAP Forum to work on further interoperability specifications for accessing IP content over wireless networks.
The company is also a member in other industry associations including the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, the Location Interoperability Forum and the WAP Forum.
CMG is a member of the WAP Forum. The company leverages its relationship as a wholly owned subsidiary of the CMG Group to gain access to its corporate parent's 9,000+ development, sales and support people worldwide.
Hummingbird is an active member of the WAP forum, the industry consortium that supports the development of an open, global specification to empower mobile users to easily access information and services via the Internet.
"By opening the Preview Center to all WAP Forum members and by providing early support for WAP 1.2, is once again helping to push the industry forward to mass market adoption."
Further, the WAP Forum, an industry trade consortium, has asked The Open Group to develop a test suite to support a WAP certification program, which hopes to ensure interoperability among WAP clients and servers.
Palm says that its main reason for joining the WAP Forum is to gain access to the technology for some of its PalmOS licensees, particularly in the handset community.