Vulnerable Plaque

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An atheromatous plaque in an arterial wall, which has abundant macrophages, gobs of lipids and cholesterol, and is usually covered by a thin fibrous cap which may rupture. The repeated cycle of rupture and healing is regarded as the major mechanism of arterial stenosis in atherosclerotic heart disease, myocardial infarction and strokes
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(6) In spite of the fact that MPO can go up due to things like gum disease, it is still a specific marker of vascular inflammation and vulnerable plaque, erosions, or fissures.
Studies have showed that, the formation of vulnerable plaque and occurrence of coronary event are closely related to left ventricular remodeling.
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The findings support that elevated levels of the three biomarkers identify symptomatic patients and maybe used for vulnerable plaque classification and the prediction of patients' risk for cardiovascular events.
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Detecting vulnerable plaque hidden in your artery walls has been a difficult task.
In one cadaver study, advanced lesions, defined as rupture plaque or at least one vulnerable plaque were present in 100% of the hearts examined--regardless of the individuals' cause of death.
In fact, vulnerable plaque may be buried inside the artery wall and may not always bulge out and block the blood flow through the artery.
The key concept of vulnerable plaque, and its ability to reshape how we view the patient with arterial disease, will be scrutinised from the perspective of the phytotherapist.
We describe a successful hybrid treatment for a proximal critical lesion of the innominate and left common carotid artery in a high-risk patient with a tandem symptomatic right internal carotid stenosis and a concentric vulnerable plaque in the bicarotid common trunk.
The rupture of vulnerable plaque followed by thrombus formation is a fatal complication of atherosclerosis.