Voting Paradox

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A social dilemma characterised by 'public goods' and 'free-riders' and the fact that it is in the rational best interest for an individual sharing a public common good to free-ride
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In this Essay, I introduce two voting paradoxes that plague the jury system.
Simply put, the jury voting paradoxes that I have identified are endemic to special verdicts.
In Part II, I detail the jury voting paradoxes and explain why they present problems for the legal system.
Decision-Theoretic Paradoxes as Voting Paradoxes, RACHAEL BRIGGS
The problematic examples have the structure of voting paradoxes. Just as voting paradoxes show that no voting rule can do everything we want, decision-theoretic paradoxes show that no decision rule can do everything we want.
"An Approach to Empirical Measures of Voting Paradoxes." Public Choice 36 (1981): 193-194.