Adolf, German pathologist, 1855-1925. See: Vossius lenticular ring.
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In Norway, for example, there are about 0.60 hospital admissions per nursing home bed, and Vossius et al (4) report that between four and 59 percent of nursing home resident hospital admissions in European countries are preventable, with the wide range due in part to the lack of a standard definition of preventable hospitalizations.* Unnecessary admissions create health problems and contribute to high spending.
Dutchman, Gerardus Joannes Vossius, who would go on to become one of the
One of Maimonides' great works is the Mishneh Torah, within which is his Book of Knowledge; a chapter of this Book of Knowledge, dealing with idolatry, was published in Amsterdam in 1641 by Dionysus Vossius (1612-?).
He may well have met Roger Andrewes in July 1630 when he visited his nephew Johannes Vossius, who was a student at Jesus College (Van Romburgh 2004: 386-87 [letter 71]), (14) but it is more likely that he bought the book after Roger Andrewes's death in 1635 (there are no other owner's marks).
Thus, Vossius' statement was incorrect that the order of the tropes, as was conventional to thinkers among 17th-century rhetoricians, was due to their frequency of appearance.
There are various types of lenticular opacities seen after ocular trauma such as Vossius ring opacity, subepithelial disseminated opacities, cob-web subcapsular opacities, traumatic rosette-shaped cataract, and total traumatic cataract.
Box and Silverthorne discuss Hume's essay "Of the Populousness of Antient Nations" and situate it within the contemporary debates over whether modem nations are depopulated relative to the ancients (an argument endorsed by Montesquieu, Isaac Vossius, and Robert Wallace).