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The various fibers systems within Vorticella make it a good organism to address the various roles of centrins/spasmins within the contractile fiber and may yield insights into their mode of action.
Vorticella convallaria cells were grown in a bacteria-containing medium of boiled wheat grass according to the methods of Vacchiano et al.
Phylogenetic relationships between Vorticella convallaria and other species inferred from small subunit rRNA gene sequences.
2004) have reported 99% and 48% uptake of Zn2+ and Cr6+ by Vorticella microstoma after 96 hrs from the medium, respectively.
The protozoans observed in the samples were Paramecium, Stylonychia, Euplotes, Chilodonella, Colpoda, Cyclidium, Metopus, Plagiopyla, Tachysoma, Tetrahymena, Vorticella, Oxytricha, Spirostomum, Amoeba and Spathidium.