N., Dutch radiologist, 1879-1927. See: Voorhoeve disease.
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Ricklefs and Petrus Voorhoeve, Indonesian Manuscripts in Great Britain.
Ongoing violations of international law and deep misunderstandings about the end of the Cold War lead to strong divisions within the OSCE, according to Voorhoeve.
MS 12318, which bears the title Serat Babad Pakunegaran (Ricklefs, Voorhoeve and Gallop 2014:50, 260).
In July 1995, Joris Voorhoeve was the Dutch minister of defense.
The locations of these groups are clearly distinguished on the map appended to Voorhoeve (1955), where the Kubu are shown in south-central Sumatra surrounded by Sumatran Malays, while the Lubu and their subgroup the Ulu are in north-central Sumatra nearer the Angkola-Mandailing Batak.
51) I would like to thank Stephanie Collins, Ryan Cox, Fred Feldman, Chris Heathwood, Pablo de Lora, Michael Otsuka, Philip Pettit, Rosa Terlazzo, Alex Voorhoeve and two anonymous referees for this journal for their helpful comments and suggestions.
Voorhoeve, is the story of a German girl with Jewish roots who is sent on the secret Kindertransport train to England for the duration of WWII.
But as Voorhoeve and I pointed out in our catalogue entry for this MS (Indonesian manuscripts in Great Britain, p.
Meanwhile, the Lovasz-Plummer conjecture has been proven for cubic bipartite graphs by Voorhoeve [10] and extended to all regular bipartite graphs by Shrijver [9].
Maaike Voorhoeve, "Judicial Practice at the Court of First Instance Tunis: The Case of Divorce for Harm on the Grounds of Domestic Violence" [151-178]
Como parametro de aclareo se utilizo el indice de espaciamiento relativo (S%, Ecuacion 1, Voorhoeve y Schulz, 1968; Silva, 1971; Kamuru, 1983), que se define como:

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