N., Dutch radiologist, 1879-1927. See: Voorhoeve disease.
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(16.) The links between the Sentani and Asmat peoples are explored briefly by Voorhoeve (1969), who argues that "some sort of historical connection is strongly suggested" (p.
He was speaking after brief talks with Dutch Prime Minister Wim Kok, Foreign Minister Hans van Mierlo and Defence Minister Jorris Voorhoeve.
Pioneer educator Rex Harlow uncovered approximately 500 different definitions of public relations from nearly as many sources.(12) Dutch practitioner Frans Voorhoeve, in a survey of accounting, legal and public relations consultants, expresses concern at this ambiguity.
Fleurbaey Marc, and Alex Voorhoeve. "Decide as You Would with Full Information!
(13) The translation was made in 1700 through an Arabic intermediary by Haji Ismail, a Malay munsyi or language teacher to a European (Ricklefs, Voorhoeve and Gallop 2014:120).
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