thermal expansion

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ther·mal ex·pan·sion

(thĕrmăl eks-panshŭn)
Enlargement caused by heat.
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GAMC blockchain 3.0 quantum underlying technology is characterized by low storage, high frequency operation, circular digital signature, trading volume expansion, super TPS operation module and other technical features.
Revenues reached P151 billion for the period, up 10 percent from last year's P137.44 billion, driven mainly by volume expansion across key products of the consumer giant.
Nakilat had witnessed a 9% year-on-year increase in net profit to QR236mn in the first three months of this year, aided by its acquisition of assets and volume expansion in its ship repairs.
The company also hasn't been able to sustain volume expansion in its North American beverages, which has only logged growth in two of the last 10 quarters.
These positive results reflect the growing role of EXPAREL as an integral component of multimodal pain management due to its tremendous flexibility around dosing, volume expansion, and admixing.
Compared to controls, SSRI-exposed infants had significant gray-matter volume expansion and increased white-matter structural connectivity in the amygdala and insula, according to results published in JAMA Pediatrics.
Compared with both healthy controls and infants exposed to untreated maternal depression, significant gray matter volume expansion was seen in the right amygdala and right insula in SSRI-exposed infants in voxel-based morphometry.
Volume expansion therapy with phenoxybenzamine and hydroxyethyl starch 130/0.4 injection and sodium chloride injection were administrated for 7 days.
A higher content of CaS[O.sub.4] and f-CaO leads to larger volume expansion, which has adverse effects on the properties of products prepared with CFBC desulfurization slag and limits its use in building materials [10].
Patient self-report of back or radicular pain should be used to terminate the injection before the goal volume is achieved, especially if there is risk of volume expansion of the injectate as is the case with DuraSeal hydrogel.
However, during the charge and discharge process, Li intercalation and deintercalation causes the Sn electrode to undergo massive volume expansion and contraction due to the generation of LixSn alloy, which causes mechanical disintegration that leads to a poor cycle performance [3].