Volkmann, Richard


Richard, German surgeon, 1830-1889.
Volkmann bone curette
Volkmann bone hook
Volkmann cheilitis - an acquired disorder, of unknown etiology of the lower lip, characterized by swelling, ulceration, crusting, mucous gland hyperplasia, abscesses, and sinus tracts. Synonym(s): cheilitis glandularis
Volkmann claw hand deformity
Volkmann contracture - ischemic contracture resulting from irreversible necrosis of muscle tissue, produced by a compartment syndrome.
Volkmann fracture
Volkmann ischemia
Volkmann ischemic contracture
Volkmann ischemic paralysis
Volkmann rake retractor
Volkmann splint
Volkmann spoon - a sharp spoon for scraping away carious bone or other diseased tissue.
Volkmann subluxation
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