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An opening or rupture in the earth’s surface through which lava, hot gases, and fragments of rock erupt. The effect of volcanic eruptions on humans is both direct—lava flow, tidal waves, mud slides—and indirect—releasing ash that affects the lungs or weather
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Copahue volcano which straddles in Chile and Argentine is in 2 thousand and 965 meters height.
He and other scientists are studying Nyiragongo so they can prepare Goma's citizens to escape the volcano's wrath when it erupts again.
They used precise bottom pressure sensors to measure vertical movements of the floor of the volcano's caldera and found that the volcano was gradually inflating at the rate of 15 centimeters (six inches) a year, indicating that magma was rising and accumulating under the volcano summit.
The Durham University study used pressure estimations from a nearby borehole and knowledge of the volcano's "plumbing".
The Kamchatka branch of the Russian Geophysical Service also said that the nearby Klyuchevaya Sopka Volcano, had also started blowing smoke and ash into the air.
We went to see Mount St Helens and I was mesmerised by the lunar landscape, snapped trees and smoking volcano.
About 8,000 people live in areas near the volcano where Pasto's mayor ordered an evacuation but "most of the town is not in danger."
Volcano's s5i IVUS is the only IVUS system to have undergone extensive safety and compatibility testing with GE (Innova series), Siemens (Axiom Artis FD series), Philips (Allura series), and Toshiba (Inifinix-I series).
He said the lowest alert level of 1 on a five-level scale remained in place around the volcano, adding that raising the alert level will depend on the recommendation of scientists observing the volcano.
The website provides real-time photographic images, seismic graphs, satellite images, thermal sensor data and photos from scientists flying over, and sometimes landing on, the volcano. Officials at the observatory said images from a web camera positioned on the volcano's east side, along with other photos, are the most popular website features.
The volcano, called Mount Vesuvius, formed 25,000 years ago.