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Every now and then, somebody is under the impression that if they deploy a VoIP solution for their office, they will end up with free phone service," says Grafton.
VoIP, like some traditional telephone services, does not fit within this definition and, thus, is not subject to this excise tax, because:
Apparently, while it's true that hackers can use the same means they use to tap into a network to tap into VoIP conversations, it is actually harder to tap into an IP network carrying voice data than it is to tap into a phone line.
Most SMBs have only a Skype- or Vonage-related consumer VoIP level of understanding; the vendors and service providers need to educate the SMB market regarding business class VoIP solutions and benefits.
Executive VoIP Reports: A high-level look at the activity on a VoIP network.
McGraw-Hill has obtained and published the following reviews of "Hacking Exposed:(TM) VoIP.
Lowell Lawrence, Managing Director of NewGen, adds, "This range of retail VoIP brings a much needed diversity and value to the Jamaican technology landscape, assuring program success.
The NetSensory Solution Insight for VoIP is the latest application of Network Physics' unique Insight technology.
More and more service providers are realizing that it is possible to outsource hosting of network applications, and yet retain the control of a facilities based carrier," said Micah Singer, founder and CEO, VoIP Logic.
Moreover, service providers can reduce the costs of terminating VoIP calls to millions of telephone numbers in the XConnect registry, as well as continue protecting their networks, assuring service quality and maximizing service reach.
VoIP Supply, as an RNK reseller, will be able to offer the number-one service plan in the industry for Linksys LVS users, featuring: