thyroarytenoid muscle

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thy·ro·ar·y·te·noid mus·cle

(thī'rō-ar'i-tē'noyd mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, inner surface of thyroid cartilage; insertion, muscular process and outer surface of arytenoid; action, decreases tension on (relaxes) vocal cords, lowering the pitch of the voice tone; nerve supply, recurrent laryngeal.
Synonym(s): musculus thyroarytenoideus [TA] .
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-- middle voice, mixed action of the vocalis and head voice musculature;
Distribution of the patients by diagnosis Diagnosis No (%) Diagnosis No (%) Partial Laryngectomy 15 (14.4) Presbyphonia 4 (3.8) Nodule 13 (12.5) Chronic laryngitis 3 (2.9) Polyp 13 (12.5) Mutational falsetto 3 (2.9) Unilateral vocal fold 13 (12.5) Psychogenic dysphonia 2 (1.9) paralysis Reinke's edema 7 (6.7) Type 2 sulcus vocalis 2 (1.9) Cyst 7 (6.7) Type 3 sulcus vocalis 2 (1.9) Laryngopharyngeal reflux 6 (5.8) T1a glottic carcinoma 2 (1.9) Bilateral vocal fold 5 (4.8) Laryngeal intraepithelial 1 (1) paralysis hyperplasia Primary muscle tension 5 (4.8) Anterior glottic web 1 (1) dysphonia Table 3.
One of the most relevant biomechanical parameters evaluated was the vocal fold stiffness, which may be estimated separately on the body (musculus vocalis) and the cover (lamina propria).
TP3 is effective for diseases such as vocal fold atrophy, sulcus vocalis, mutation voice disorder, and scarring.
It was found that vocal nodules were observed in 22, Vocal polyps in 12, Papilloma in 08 and Retention Cyst in 06, Tuberculous Laryngitis in 03, Sulcus Vocalis in 04 patients (n = 60), (Table 9).
Alan Pelz-Sharpe is VP & managing director VOCalis at Digital Clarity Group (, email, twitter @alan_pelzsharpe.
Most of these studies have focused on pacing of vocalis muscles for bilateral VCP; for example, electrical stimulus to the paralyzed posterior cricoarytenoid (PCA) muscles in human larynx has induced vocal fold abduction and restored ventilation through the glottis in case of bilateral laryngeal paralysis [1719].
It launched a successful career, but in 2011 she was diagnosed with congenital sulcus vocalis - holes in the vocal cords - and has undergone three operations.