vocal folds

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vocal folds

Etymology: L, vocalis + AS, fealdan
the true vocal cords.

vocal folds

The true vocal cords; the inferior pair of folds within the larynx; each contains a vocal ligament. They form the edges of the rima glottidis and are involved in the production of sound.
Synonym: vocal cords, true

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Q. How can I fix my vocal cords? Please I am in need of desperate help.

A. rest, which means no talking,

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She wrote, "Though I very much hoped to be able to recover my vocal chords in time to pick the tour back up in January, and after exploring many options to that effect, I have accepted that this is an injury that simply needs more time and care to heal.
The vocal chord shock comes after an stonishing run for Adele, who broke sales ecords with her album 25 and signed a PS90million deal with Sony Music.
Band member Josh Zare said: "The honey and lemon tea is very good for our vocal chords and that keeps our voices in good shape.
The 28-year-old Breakfast Show presenter told me: "Someone said I should insure my voice as I did have nodules on my vocal chords like Adele.
Spokesman Kara McCabe, of SJM Concerts, said that the condition has left dad of two Aled, originally from Llandegfan, with "inflamed vocal chords which make it impossible to sing.
Despite only ever using their vocal chords for concerts in the past, Iraqi star, Shatha Hassoun and UAE songster, Fayez Al Saeed are getting their first taste of acting with a drama set for the small screen.
She said: "It is nothing to do with my vocal chords but the message centre from my brain that sends the signal to my vocal chords is not working properly.
It is a very sweet song and does not have a very difficult tune but yes you will get to hear her vocal chords in the film.
IT IS time to get out the flags and warm up those vocal chords.
But Le Bon has been advised to postpone the tour indefinitely and undergo physiotherapy treatment after damaging his vocal chords.
Youngster exercised their brains as well as their vocal chords when they gathered for a performance of a new anthem sang in Latin at Birmingham Town Hall.