vocal folds

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vocal folds

The true vocal cords; the inferior pair of folds within the larynx; each contains a vocal ligament. They form the edges of the rima glottidis and are involved in the production of sound.
Synonym: vocal cords, true
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Q. How can I fix my vocal cords? Please I am in need of desperate help.

A. rest, which means no talking,

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I still have polyps on the vocal chords and yes, you guessed right.
ILL3 Singer Simon Le Bon has a problem with his vocal chords
Then he wanted to give him vocal chords and asked doctors 'Can I give him an operation so that I can know what his thoughts are'," she added.
Hitting the road to perform gigs at smoky venues across the country finally took its toll on Caryl Parry Jones's singing career when it was discovered she had dangerous nodules on her vocal chords which had to be removed to save her voice.
But yesterday the band's management announced they would be pulling out, blaming singer Cee-Lo's strained vocal chords.
Now is the time to start lubricating those vocal chords as the first heat is a week on Monday, November 21 from 10pm.
KEEN singers are being invited to give their vocal chords a workout.
Dale, who plays fishmonger Simon in the hit soap, revealed that he aims to exercise his vocal chords in 2005.
The pop princess gave her vocal chords an unexpected workout as she bawled at him in a car park row.
"I went in for a routine procedure that I was told would not be threatening to my vocal chords," the Oscar-winning actress still associated with her 1960s roles in the films Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music said.
The 17-year-old star, who releases her new album 'Can't Be Tamed' on June 21, prefers to flex her vocal chords.
For months a piece of my vocal chords closed down because I didn't warm up like I would have if I'd been singing."