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, flushing (flush) (flush'ing)
1. Sudden redness of the skin.
2. Irrigation of a cavity, or a device such as a feeding tube, with water.

hot flush


malar flush

A bright-colored flush over the malar area and cheekbones. It may be associated with any febrile disease.


a sudden increase in flow.

flushing agents
water under pressure, sterile saline and Ringer's solution are used to irrigate and cleanse wounds. Various antiseptic compounds, in dilute solutions, have the added advantage of antibacterial effects and some, with detergent action, are more efficient in removing necrotic tissues and debris, but they may be irritating and delay healing.
nutritional flushing
an abrupt and sizable increase in nutritional status practiced as a management tactic, usually prior to the mating period in order to improve semen characteristics in the male and ovulation and conception rates in the female. Most attention is given to the protein concentration of the ration.

Patient discussion about flushing

Q. do i have a flu

A. What makes you think you have flu?

Do you have any of the signs or symptoms of it? (as listed here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Influenza#Symptoms_and_diagnosis or here: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000080.htm)

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Although relatively large, the original "arrivals" were not out of keeping with lead stocks movements at the time, given a protracted "warehousing war" that saw large tonnages taken out of the system only to be relocated at Vlissingen and the South Korean port of Busan.
Three Grasso screw compressors in the Vlissingen facility were switched to REFLO 68A and the results have been very favourable, especially with fluid consumption as it decreased by 60%.
As a terminal for storage and handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and chemical gases, Vopak Terminal Vlissingen is conveniently located in deep water with good hinterland connections by water, rail and road.
The history of Oceanwide dates back to 1976 when the first office was established in Vlissingen, The Netherlands.
France-based Total SA's (NYSE: TOT) refinery in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, is closing its hydrocracker complex for maintainance.
The Heide sale will also be the first refinery deal in Europe since French major Total s sale of a part of its Dutch Vlissingen plant to Russia s Lukoil in June last year.
The new company is headed by managing director Ries Hoogenboezem, previously MD of GAC-OBC Netherlands, and has offices in Rotterdam and Vlissingen (Flushing).
The new company is headed by Managing Director Ries Hoogenboezem, previously MD of GAC-OBC Netherlands, with offices in Rotterdam and Vlissingen (Flushing).
Russian crude oil, for which Lukoil is one of the major suppliers,represents one of the main sources of the Vlissingen refinery,"Europe's largest refiner, which retains a 55 per cent stake in the plant, said.
Van Vlissingen cited 'sitting under a thorn tree in Africa'as his favourite place to be, as he could clearly see the Milky Way.
Last May, Klesch bought an aluminum smelter in Vlissingen in the Netherlands from Alcan.
Wildlife philanthropist Paul van Vlissingen, 64, is worth a whopping pounds 1,100million.