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vivo S1 also comes with vivo's Dual-Engine Fast Charging Technology that releases the customers from the constant worry of running out of battery.
Vivo has gone with a top of the line in-display fingerprint sensor which also features several animations for making things more fun.
On the front, the Vivo V15 utilizes a unique elevating, motorized 32MP Elevating Selfie Camera that pops up on command when taking selfies.
Once the Vivo AR Glass projects the content, the 5G smartphone will then act as the control that allows user to switch and select applications.
The accuracy of the company's VIVO system has been shown to be 100% accurate (95% CI: 93.6%, 100%) in a prospective multi-centre clinical trial, Catheter Precision said.
Independent from its ex vivo collaboration with Novartis, Intellia also is advancing its wholly-owned ex vivo pipeline of immuno-oncology and autoimmune cell therapies.
Retail Fuel Margin Protected: Although Vivo Energy operates in markets where its gross margin in retail fuel is protected, this activity (60.4% of 2017 group EBITDA including non-fuel retail contribution) and other commercial and B2B operations are susceptible to volume changes.
"From last year's debut of In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology, the recent launch of the truly bezel-less Vivo NEX, to our ground-breaking TOF 3D Sensing technology, we continue to forge ahead and evolve towards the truly intelligent future by opening new ways for the AI to help the consumer," Vivo senior vice president Alex Feng said.
Vivo is an ultra-lightweight insulation designed with specialized apertures.
BLU Products has introduced the BLU Vivo 5R, the refreshed version of its Vivo 5, which launched in January, the company said.
Vivo said it plans to invest the capital primarily in innovative early-stage healthcare companies across the industry spectrum, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and diagnostics.