Putti, Vittorio

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Vittorio, Italian surgeon, 1880-1940.
Putti approach
Putti arthroplasty gouge
Putti bone rasp
Putti frame
Putti gouge
Putti knee arthrodesis
Putti operation
Putti rasp
Putti shoulder arthrodesis
Putti splint
Putti technique
Putti-Platt arthroplasty
Putti-Platt director
Putti-Platt instrumentation
Putti-Platt operation - a procedure for recurrent dislocation of shoulder joint. Synonym(s): Putti-Platt procedure
Putti-Platt procedure - Synonym(s): Putti-Platt operation
Putti-Platt shoulder procedure
reverse Putti-Platt procedure
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In this specific case, our decision to return to the past, to the Vittorio Putti technique, is based on discoveries that interposition grafts microscopically form a zone with endothelial lined sacs [6,13].
Fini, "Past and present ofinterposition arthroplasties for joint repair with special tribute to the contribution by Vittorio Putti," Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, vol.
Caption: Figure 4 Schematic representation of Vittorio Putti's Osteoton.