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The mean of right vitreous chamber depth measurement was not significantly different from the left one (P>0.05).
The depth of vitreous chamber of the globe in right side were mostly lesser than left one but have not signiicant statistically deference with them and these are unlikely to be of clinical significance.
This study was to characterize the normal ultrasound appearance and ocular biometry of vitreous chamber in the eye of cattle by using a widely available, general purpose scanner and this investigation will provide baseline information for the study of pathologic conditions affecting the eyes with an ultrasound unit commonly available to the veterinarian.
An enucleation was performed on the left eye, which contained an exophytic retinoblastoma that filled most of the vitreous chamber. On examination, the tumor was found to significantly invade the optic nerve with no invasion of the choroid.
Our findings contrast with the results of previous reports, which stated that adult women had shorter axial globe length, shallower anterior and vitreous chamber depth, and thicker lenses than adult men (WONG et al, 2001; WARRIER et al., 2008).
The ultrasound machine used during this research was calibrated to acoustic wave propagation velocities for ocular tissue of humans at 1,532m [s.sup.-1] for the anterior chamber, 1,641m [s.sup.-1] for the lens, and 1,523m [s.sup.-1] for the vitreous chamber (GORIG et al., 2006).
The results of this research showed that dimensions of anterior chamber, lens, vitreous chamber and axial globe length of adult goats did not differ between the genders.