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Size or extent.
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The comet was then about visual magnitude 6, having brightened one full magnitude in the eighteen days since Plate 1 was taken.
Sirius, the brightest star, shines at visual magnitude -1.5, the ICQ notes.
NASA said during the close Mars approach the comet will likely achieve a total visual magnitude of zero or brighter, as seen from Mars-based assets.
Preliminary background research into bright, short-period variable stars indicated a discrepancy in the period of the visual magnitude of the delta-Scuti star SZ Lyn.
Another brick in the wall THINK Floyd are now in their sixth year of presenting an extraordinary tribute to Pink Floyd, managing to faithfully re-create the atmosphere, visual magnitude and musical genius of one of the world's most legendary rock phenomena.
Now in their 20th year, the band's members consist of four extraordinary musicians, whose attention to detail and appreciation of Pink Floyd's music, backed by a dedicated team of sound and lighting engineers, have been able to faithfully recreate all the atmosphere, visual magnitude and musical excellence of the group live on stage.

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