Iodixanol Imaging A nonionic radiocontrast Indications Intraarterial–eg, visceral intraarterial digital subtraction angiography, angiocardiography–eg, left ventriculography and selective coronary arteriography, peripheral arteriography, visceral arteriography, cerebral arteriography; IV injection for CECT–contrast-enhanced CT imaging of head and body, excretory urography, peripheral venography. See Radiocontract.
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Gadovist, Prohance, MultiHance, Omniscan, Omnipaque, Iomeron, Optiray, Ultravist, Visipaque.
On November 27, 2013 General Electric Company's (GE) health care division, GE Healthcare announced that it has released results from a new study, which shows that patients receiving Visipaque (iodixanol 320mg l/ml) were less likely to experience discomfort than patients receiving Isovue (iopamidol 370 mg l/ml).
Claims on the website "misleadingly suggest that Visipaque offers a safety benefit compared to other products due to its unique formulation," the FDA said.
Products include Visipaque, which helps show up features such as veins in x-rays.
Amersham, which makes products for disease detec- ti on and medical research, said its ``fundamentals'' remained strong with a surge in sales of its marker product Visipaque - which helps show up features such as veins in X-rays -after positive safety data.
The most commonly used contrast media in our hospital are two nonionic contrast media, Omnipaque (iohexol; 350 g/L iodine; Nycomed) and Visipaque (iodixanol; 320 g/L iodine; Nycomed), and to a much lesser extent, two ionic contrast media, Telebrix[R] (sodium meglumine ioxithalamate; 350 g/L iodine; Guerbet) and Urografin[R] (sodium meglumine diatrizoate; 146 g/L iodine; Schering).
The global market will witness a growth at 5% Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) due to patent expiry of leading contrast agents such as Myoview and Visipaque in 2010-2011, consequent entry of generics, declining reimbursement and adverse clinical studies associated with contrast agents.
Each received contrast doses ranging from 50 to 200 ml of Visipaque, and standard doses of Mucomyst (acetylcysteine) and sodium bicarbonate.
Visipaque has been used in millions of X-ray and computer tomography procedures to date.
Finally, it is well within the public interest for this Court to enjoin GEH from disseminating false messages regarding Visipaque.
Visipaque 320 (iodixanol) (GE Healthcare, Princeton, NJ)