Vision Quest

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A solitary sojourn into the wilderness undertaken by a boy of the Plains tribes of Native Americans, who goes to pray and commune with nature; the goal of the quest is to have a vision of an animal or other spirit, who will have special significance, and ultimately guide his life
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provided the lesson from the first vision quest much more explicitly.
These new installations will be the largest wind turbines to be erected in Alberta, according to Vision Quest.
presence in my vision quest, was now morphing into a messenger demanding
Contact: Denny Sturgis, Jr., Traditional Vision Quest LLC., (616) 432-3973;
Other activities include Vision Quest, a youth video club established in 1994.
During the vision quest, someone may experience a dream or vision from which he or she receives spiritual knowledge and power that can later be used to help the larger community.
Visitors to Vision Quest can interact with the animals on day and night tours and can also help put the elephants to bed.
The focus of the second half of the book is more wholesome; for readers interested in the sacramental use of plants and the visions they produce it paints a vivid description of how native shamans of the Amazon offer a chance to have this vision quest in sacred space under the guidance and care of one who treats both the plants and the seeker who ingests them with respect.
It turns out that the wrestler guy from "Vision Quest" has a vision and is on a quest.
to it as the multitudes I dealt with each night of my vision quest years
His explanations of aspects of the Native American Church, such as the use of peyote for prayer and healing, the Sacred Pipe and the Vision Quest, further bridge the gap between an ancient world and a contemporary life.
A close friend told her about something called a Vision Quest and claimed it was certain to cure her fears.