Visible Body

A 3-D computer-generated ‘cadaver’—Visible Man—created from thousands of images of a human body donated to science, collected with state-of-the-art photography of cryosections and imaging—CT, MRI—techniques
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Officers are also not permitted to wear earrings, visible body or facial piercings or ornamentation while on duty.
In attempts to promote an appearance of professionalism, employers may have restrictions regarding visible body modifications while an employee is on duty (Johnson et al., 2016).
People with body ink are refused entry to public swimming pools, bathing spots, beaches and often gyms, while visible body art can be harmful to job prospects.
The makeup artist in the film successfully played a great role, in drawing a picture of the female protagonist's wide forehead and nose, visible body hair, prominent teeth, things that characterised her as a 'weird' person, if compared with 'mainstream' looks of other human beings.
Dont consume anything that changes the color of your teeth of any part of your visible body for that matter.
To desire the throat, its fragility, its amplification, is to find comfort where I cannot imagine it, in the visible body. But this is what Limon's collection asks.
The experts say loneliness may be linked to the absence of face-to-face interactions and the lack of visible body language.
Only one pair of small plain stud earrings is to be worn, visible body piercings or tattoos are unacceptable, wristwatches aren't allowed, hair is to be cut or clipped/tied back off the collar in a bun and out of the eyes, make-up - if used - must be discreet, and smoking isn't permitted anywhere in the college building or grounds, or when the student is in uniform.
Jewelry is prohibited except a smooth, solid wedding band, so visible body piercings are problematic.