Visible Body

A 3-D computer-generated ‘cadaver’—Visible Man—created from thousands of images of a human body donated to science, collected with state-of-the-art photography of cryosections and imaging—CT, MRI—techniques
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Only one pair of small plain stud earrings is to be worn, visible body piercings or tattoos are unacceptable, wristwatches aren't allowed, hair is to be cut or clipped/tied back off the collar in a bun and out of the eyes, make-up - if used - must be discreet, and smoking isn't permitted anywhere in the college building or grounds, or when the student is in uniform.
Jewelry is prohibited except a smooth, solid wedding band, so visible body piercings are problematic.
I believe MTNA must play a more important role than ever as a visible body of dedicated musicians who retain and uphold the vital contributions we offer to ensure that musical arts, of all types, are a necessary component of our culture, and not simply viewed as 'extra-curricular' activities," she says.
Beyond the visible body of the galaxy, a 9th-magnitude star hovers 18' north-northwest of M33's center.
While many versions of the software exist (see Table 1), (13) for the purposes of simplicity, only one program, Visible Body 3D Human Anatomy Atlas[R] (referred to hereafter as Visible Body), is referenced in this article, as this is the software we have used in our studio work.
While Augustine does vigorously argue that mind is indubitable and immaterial, he disavows the fundamental thesis of the dualistic tradition: the separation of invisible spirit and visible body.
Beauty standards arising from trends in the fashion and advertising industries promote the idea of rejection of visible body hair, particularly amongst women but also increasingly amongst men.
Visible body areas and groin involvement had a greater impact on a patient's QOL.
Is deploying high-pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM) to produce visible body panels such as roofs with carbon-fiber reinforced plastics.
And potential recruits are also having laser removal treatment as forces increasingly bar even rank and file having visible body art.
Peninsula Ireland released the data yesterday, which also showed 82% of bosses would pick a worker with no visible body ink if it came down to two candidates.
Also, cover tattoos, if possible, and remove visible body and tongue piercing.