Ophthalmology A proprietary viscoelastic material used in ophthalmic surgery
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The anterior chamber was filled with cohesive viscoelastic substance (0.50 mL in volume; sodium chondroitin sulfate 4%, sodium hyaluronate 3% with 27 G canula, Viscoat, Alcon Laboratories, USA).
A major incision of 2.4 mm in size was made in the cataract surgery, and for stabilization of the anterior chamber and endothelial protection, 3% sodium hyaluronate, 4% chondroitin sulfate (Viscoat), and 1% sodium hyaluronate (Provisc) were used during capsulorhexis and intraocular lens (IOL) implantation.
Microincision cataract surgery technique effectively preserves corneal endothelial cells and reduces risk of corneal edema.[sup][16] Micropulse technique increases anterior chamber stability [sup][17] and decreases thermal effect.[sup][18] Torsional ultrasound mode reduces phacoemulsification time and energy.[sup][19] New ophthalmic viscosurgical devices, such as Viscoat, Provisc, and soft-shell technique, decrease thermal effect.[sup][20] Thus, in certain cases of complicated cataract after PKP such as cases in which nuclear hardness is ≤III, better postoperative visual acuity is demanded, and an advanced technology IOL is preferred, phacoemulsification should be suggested.
Viscoat is a dispersive viscoelastic comprising of sodium hyaluronate and chondroitin sulphate, which offers more protection against cell loss by creating a cushion for the endothelium against mechanical forces of phacoemulsification and is preferable in cases of FED.
A dispersive viscoelastic containing 3% sodium hyaluronate and 4% chondroitin sulphate (Viscoat by Alcon laboratories) was used to protect the corneal endothelium and maintain a deep anterior chamber during surgery.
A dispersive viscoelastic agent (Viscoat, Alcon Laboratories Inc.) was used to reform the anterior chamber.
Influence of viscoelastic substances used in cataract surgery on corneal metabolism and endothelial morphology: comparison of Healon and Viscoat. J Cataract Refract Surg.
* Product Name: Viscoat 802 Tripentaerythritol Octa-Acrylate
Specific programs, which all use the VisRheo resin data bank, are VisMelt (TempMelt), which calculates the solids melting profile of a multizone single-screw with or without a shearing device, and also calculates melt temperature and motor horsepower; VisScale, for scaling up multizone single-screws; ViOutput, for determining the output of a single-screw extruder for a given screw speed or screw speed for a given output; VisDegas, for scaling up vented extruders and determining the required screw geometry; ViSpider, for designing spider dies; ViSpiral, for designing spiral mandrel dies; and VisCoat, for designing coat-hanger type dies.
The use of Viscoat effectively prevents retroversion of the ILM flap during the fluid-air exchange and minimizes the toxic effect of ICG staining on the RPE.
Comparison of the effectiveness of mitomycin-C and Viscoat on delayed adjustable strabismus surgery in rabbits.