Virtual Water

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The volume of fresh water used to produce a particular product, measured at the place where it was actually produced
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The workshop started off with participants understanding their personal and industrial water footprint and calculating the overall virtual water footprint.
In a study of the water footprint of Hyderabad Metro Development Authority (HMDA) region, researchers observed that while agriculture accounts for nearly 70 per cent consumption of water, in what is known as the 'green water footprint,' urban areas consumed nearly 20 times more virtual water through their various consumption items than physical water, contributing to the 'red footprint.'
So-called virtual water exports 'the molecules of H20 embedded in exported goods, alongside those rendered unusable by the production of those goods' amount to a net 95.4 billion cubic metres a year, according to data collected by the Water Footprint Network, a group that encourages thriftier usage.
The short VR element at each comes towards the end of the visit; visitors sit to don the headset, and the narrated display then removes later walls, restores fragmentary decoration, plumbs virtual water back into the fountains, and floods the spaces with light.
Last week, hundreds of Etihad employees 'pumped' 20,595 litres of water through a virtual pumping device, as part of the 'Well of Hope' water security initiative of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, which has committed to match the virtual water volumes achieved by 20 private or public organisations in the UAE with an equivalent amount of clean water in needy remote communities.
Fahad AlHassawi, deputy CEO for telco services at du parent company EITC, pumps virtual water for the Well of Hope initiative.
Agricultural trade, including the concept of virtual water trade, can be an option for management of water scarcity, thereby improving water productivity.
Launched to coincide with the Holy month of Ramadan in this Year of Tolerance, employees of 20 public and private sector UAE firms will be selected to pump as much virtual water as they can through a digital device.
Big TV events are increasingly rare, and it's refreshing to have one topic to discuss around the virtual water cooler of the internet -- especially something that you could easily catch up on in one episode, and know what everyone is talking about without being helplessly lost in a tangle of complicated story lines, mythology and drama.
He explained that these amounts of water are compensated by the reuse of 33% of the renewable resources and 55% of the virtual water in the form of crops that are imported in the form of commodities and food items.
"The issues and challenges include falling water tables, virtual water trade, no water metering and pricing, evapotranspiration, population growth rate and increasing water demand, less recharging of the aquifers, unchecked drilling and gaps in governance," report warned.