Immersive Digital Environment

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An artificial, interactive, computer-created scene or 'world' within which a user can immerse themselves
Examples Computer games (from simple arcade games to massively multiplayer online games), training (e.g., flight and driving simulators), entertainment environments, art installations
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The VR was used to "drive the camera" and "instead of just one layout artist on a computer, we had a full crew operating virtual cameras in a virtual reality environment," he said.
That model is transferred into a virtual reality environment for further evaluation and to determine the design's feasibility.
"Virtual Reality is a full digital virtual reality environment -mostly three dimensional that allows users to live an interactive real digital experience.
In the experiment, a mouse runs on a physical treadmill in a virtual reality environment. The mouse learns to run down a hallway to a door that is located about halfway down the track.
Summary: Dubai Municipality has launched a smart training centre, which offers hands-on training using the Virtual Reality Environment.
Summary: Smart Training Hub to offer hands-on training using Virtual Reality environment
One of the examples of the new technology mentioned at the id8 was how customers could pick and choose cosmetics from home and apply them to their face in a Virtual Reality environment to see the result as if they were standing inside the shop, reports said.
Spatially, the Design Lab is laid out around a central virtual reality "arena," a 100 s/f area marked on specially-designed carpeting, where clients can interact withdesigns and the designers can revise right in front of them while in a virtual reality environment.
Reducing specific phobia/fear in young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) through a virtual reality environment intervention.
The simulator allows a range of real vehicles to be road tested in a virtual reality environment based on a precise laser scan of the city's road network.
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