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A term for a number of entities in which the patient is ‘not real’, including
(1) Any of a number of interactive computerised patient simulations which are part of a collection that resides on a computer or server. Virtual patients are used to teach medical students or junior doctors clinical logic by an algorithmic approach, leading one down various pathways ranging from correct management of the virtual patient to a completely wrong diagnosis with the patient dying and the student doctor getting sued
(2) A real and healthy person who has an arrangement with the medical school or hospital to play act like they have a specific disease and provide specific answers to medical students as they attempt to arrive at the right diagnosis, or
(3) A graphics-rich simulation of one or a limited number of environments in which a particular skill—e.g., laparscopic surgery—is learned, à la ‘flight school simulation’
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3D surgical planning can be performed on this virtual patient through the software programs.
One of the most prominent uses of technology in teaching is the Virtual Patient Learning (VPL), a simulation programme that enables medical students to diagnose, treat and observe a patient's progress.
Frost and Sullivan acknowledges that Kareo's ability to guarantee private payer reimbursement for virtual patient visits is truly unique among its top competitors, as lack of reimbursement for telemedicine has restricted many providers from adopting the technology in the past.
Users of the platform are presented with aggregate views, but each data point in the network can be traced to healthcare organizations who have the ability to identify patients, allowing clinical researchers to develop virtual patient cohorts for potential recruitment into a clinical trial.
Technologies include teleconferencing making virtual patient care possible.
Kaplan said it believes there's significant untapped potential in i-Human Patients in next-generation, cloud-based, virtual patient simulation for medical professionals, and the company plans to leverage this capability across Kaplan's portfolio to unleash that potential within the health education landscape.
Experience, even though it is indirect, and prompt self-assessment are strong features of virtual patients. A virtual patient is defined as a computer program which simulates real patients' cases and hence enables the students to gather case histories, perform clinical examinations, and decide on diagnostics and therapy [7].
A floating assistant pops up in the virtual environment to help trainees interactwith a virtual patient and onscreen instructions are also presented to assist students in following the four F.A.S.T steps.
2018: The year in which Kaiser Permanente estimates it will perform more virtual patient visits than in-person office visits for its 10 million members in eight states and the District of Columbia.
Gallucci, "The virtual patient in dental medicine," Clinical Oral Implants Research, vol.
Each data point in the TriNetX system can be traced to healthcare organizations who have the ability to identify individual patients, enabling ICON to develop virtual patient cohorts that can be found in real-world clinical trial settings.
If the clinical priorities are incorrect, vital signs will worsen in ten minutes, causing death of the virtual patient. In order to get an improved sense of engagement inside the trauma team, the virtual patients' conditions are changed 50% faster than in real-time.

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