Virtual Organ

A suite of ‘in silico’ simulations of an organ or system which provides quantitative/functional descriptions in health and disease and across different species
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Positioning of the Virtual Organ. The position of the organ's center of mass (COM) was obtained using the equations
Reconstructing a Virtual Organ. The reconstructed CSI is isotropic:
Collectively, observed lines of evidence suggest that the proposed method utilizing PAI oriented 3D virtual organ reconstructions has a considerable potential to match CSIs obtained at different time points or from different participants.
Based on the body coordinate system created according to the PAI of the virtual organ, we reconstructed the two scan CSIs of the metatarsal along the same axis (Figure 1(c)).
Namely, a virtual organ consists of a finite number of cross sections, which means that modelling of an average organ should start from average CSIs.
Again, it has been demonstrated that the presented method has a potential to overcome a critical hurdle of not-cutting principal axes in defected virtual organ of injured side.
In the current analysis, 3-D ultrasound with virtual organ computer-aided analysis technology was used to determine corrected adrenal gland volume, and 2-D ultrasound was used to measure the whole gland and fetal zone in singleton pregnancies, in 62 women presenting with preterm labor symptoms at 23-37 weeks' gestation.
Tim Berne sounds much more like an experimental jazzer should, with Taborn in his band too (though this time on Fender Rhodes, laptop and 'virtual organ') as well as Tom Rainey on drums and Marc Ducret on guitar.
Four major areas were identified as important: the need to acquire and develop modeling databases; the development and integration of modeling software into common platforms; the development/acquisition of virtual organ and system models; and the establishment of an infrastructure for developing a virtual body architecture.
If the doctor suspects a liver problem, for example, he or she could enlarge the image and move through and around the virtual organ to conduct a more detailed investigation.
The virtual organs displayed in these systems are derived from actual patient data, such as the Visible Human dataset of the National Library of Medicine in Washington, D.C.
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