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Plural of vis.
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(vĭs) plural.vires [L., strength]
Force, strength, energy, power.
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The goal of VIRE is to establish a special partnership with you, the customer.
DHS spokeswoman Amy Webb said in an email to Arkansas Business that her department has worked "extensively" with Vire and ASN on the wage issue and "approved increases in funding for some clients."
The Games Village has come under severe criticism from several quarters but Vire chose to differ.
For the cosmetic industry, Val de Vire produces extracts with a high microbiological quality, according to the company.
Elle & Vire French Long Life Creme Brulee preparation -- UHT brick
VIRE is a leading Italian supplier of turn-key solutions for primary and secondary packaging for the world of hygiene disposable products (baby diapers, adult diapers, light incontinence diapers and sanitary napkins).
Vire has led the Arkansas Support Network for a quarter of a century.
Traitant une realite socio-politique qui vire parfois au burlesque, cette piece montre que le theatre professionnel peut etre a l'ecoute des inquietudes de la jeunesse et la- guider.
Ce Milan-Sanremo 2013 a vire au cauchemar pour les coureurs, pas pres d'oublier ce qu'ils ont vecu.
Elle est devenue, malgre elle, l'heroine d'un mauvais feuilleton qui a vire au melodrame.