Virchow, Rudolf

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Rudolf, German pathologist and politician, 1821-1902.
Virchow angle - an angle formed by the meeting of a line drawn from the middle of the nasofrontal suture to the base of the anterior nasal spine, with a line drawn from this last point to the center of the external auditory meatus. Synonym(s): Virchow-Holder angle
Virchow cells - (1) the lacunae in osseous tissue containing the bone cells; also the bone cells themselves; - (2) connective tissue cells between the laminae of fibrous tissue in the cornea. Synonym(s): corneal corpuscles; Virchow corpuscles
Virchow corpuscles - Synonym(s): Virchow cells (2)
Virchow crystals - yellow-brown, amber, or burnt orange crystals of hematoidin, frequently observed in extravasated blood in tissues.
Virchow disease - acute congenital encephalitis, a condition in which the head is abnormally large. Synonym(s): megacephaly
Virchow law - there is no special or distinctive neoplastic cell inasmuch as the component cells of neoplasms originate from preexisting forms.
Virchow node - a firm, palpable supraclavicular lymph node that may be the first recognized presumptive evidence of a malignant neoplasm in one of the viscera. Synonym(s): signal node
Virchow psammoma - a firm, cellular neoplasm derived from fibrous tissue of the meninges, choroid plexus, and certain other brain structures. Synonym(s): psammomatous meningioma
Virchow triad - factors predisposing vascular thrombosis.
Virchow-Hassall bodies - Synonym(s): Hassall bodies
Virchow-Holder angle - Synonym(s): Virchow angle
Virchow-Robin space - a tunnel-like extension of the subarachnoid space surrounding blood vessels that pass into the brain or spinal cord from the subarachnoid space. Synonym(s): His perivascular space
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