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the taxonomic order comprising the viruses.
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Q. What are the causes of viral blisters on the skin? For a few months now I've been having these hard viral blisters on my fingers. The only way to get rid of them is with freezed carbon. It does go away with that treatment- after a few weeks but then a new one appears. How can I prevent it from "attacking" again??

A. These viral blisters you are describing are caused by HPV (papilloma virus), and are very hard to get rid of without treatment with freezed carbon. Many of us have the virus but not everyone gets the actual infection. There is not a proved way of preventing from it to happen again after treatment, unfortunately..

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A pesar de las altas frecuencias serologicas encontradas, pocos estudios se dirigen a determinar el papel de estos agentes virales relacionados con el CRB [3,5].
Los virus involucrados pertenecen a diferentes familias virales.
Las lesiones cutaneas encontradas en estos pacientes se agruparon en cuatro grupos: tumores malignos, infecciones virales, infecciones micoticas e infecciones bacterianas (tabla 2).