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A protective reflex initiated by irritation of the nose lining and resulting in a blast of air through the nose and mouth that may remove the cause. The vocal cords are tightly approximated, air in the chest is compressed and the cords suddenly separated.


sudden, reflex, noisy expiration through the nasal cavities; prominent sign in cases of rhinitis.

Patient discussion about sneezing

Q. i LOVE cats! but whenever I get near them I start sneezing like crazy Is there something I can take that will prevent this allergic reaction? cause I'm just dying to get a fluffy little kitty...

A. i know a guy who's going through an anti-allergy treatment (for the last year and a half). he is going every month or so and get a shot. i think this is the treatment:

Q. why do allergy effects comes usually in sorts of sneezing and scratching and more other thing like that?

A. It's because the substances released in the allergic reaction of the immune system to the allergen, like histamine, cause sensation of itching. They also cause increased secretion of mucus from the lining of the throat, which irritates the airway and cause sneezing.

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Q. Can a pet allergy cause your nose to plug, give you a sore throat and a bad cough? I recently adopted a puppy. I felt fine for about a week an a half, but 2 days ago I began to sneeze a lot. My nose plugged and I had to blow almost constantly. I also came down with a sore throat and a bad cough. Is this a result of a pet allergy or did I just come down with a cold? I've been around dogs all my life and I don't ever recall reacting like this before.

A. It can happen. Go to the doctor, if you want to know for sure. See a veterinarian for tips on making your dog more hypoallergenic. There are ways to take care of a dog and not have so many allergy issues. :D Good luck.

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