Violent Means

A term of art referring to a gruesome way to complete suicide, e.g., by firearms, hanging, slashing, falls, throwing oneself in front of a vehicle, etc.
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And what is the difference, if a state is dissolved at once by such violent means, or if it gradually so alters in process of time as to be no longer the same constitution?
I know that in Vienna he has more than once made use of more violent means than he would dare to do here.
As he said nothing further, and declined taking the hint, Mr Brass was fain to propose that they should go up stairs together, and make a last effort to awaken the sleeper by some less violent means, which, if they failed on this last trial, must positively be succeeded by stronger measures.
Now, sir," continued Morrel, "in these days no one can disappear by violent means without some inquiries being made as to the cause of her disappearance, even were she not a young, beautiful, and adorable creature like Valentine.
You can't hurt me unless you kill me by some violent means.
Taking a man's nightcap from his brow by violent means, and adjusting it on the head of an unknown gentleman, of dirty exterior, however ingenious a witticism in itself, is unquestionably one of those which come under the denomination of practical jokes.
It has also been reported that some groups of protestors resorted to violent means, resulting in some members of security forces being injured or killed, she noted.
The UST Civil Law Student Council, along with 22 other student councils in the University and the Thomasian community that are united in the fight to end extrajudicial killings, believes that the country's drug problem cannot be solved through violent means.
He was the third King Richard to die by violent means and cautious monarchs have avoided the name since.
Imran Khan has stated that sycophants of PML-N wept incessantly over Sharif family criminal's appearance before JIT and on the other hand political opponents are being victimized and traumatized by using violent means by the PMLN government.
Ljungqvist said the men seemed to be "dissatisfied with the leadership" of the white-supremacist Nordic Resistance Movement for not using violent means to achieve their ends.
They have been accused in Turkey of attempting to abrogate the constitution, attempting to dissolve parliament, seizing a helicopter by violent means and attempting to assassinate President Tayyip Erdogan.