Viola tricolor

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Viola tricolor,

n See pansy.
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Hybrids of Viola tricolor and Viola lutea, with large brazen petals, are virtually circular in design, and varying colour patterns were created by various growers from the 1810s, and acquired the name pansy.
Key Words: Issoria lathonia, Nymphalidae, Argynnini, Viola tricolor
The rather grim reading of Viola Tricolor turns the critical focus onto Rudolf and his psychic needs, seeing Ines's problems with sexuality as unresolved, for he has married a double of his first daughter.
1980) identified two isomerides of violaxanthin from Viola tricolor by MS, 1R and UV, the researches on the chemical constituents of Viola plants began to rise.
Viola tricolor, better known as the Wild Pansy, taken internally has also proven beneficial in eczema.
Three times a day, put three drops of viola tricolor into a very small volume of water and give before food.
A VIOLA tricolor is a fresh herbal extract of wild pansy and has a gentle action on the skin.