Vinca rosea

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Vin·ca ro·se·a

(ving'kă rō'zē-ă),
A species of myrtle (family Apocynaceae) used in various parts of the world as a home remedy; two active dimeric alkaloids obtained from this plant are vinblastine and vincristine.
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Madagascar periwinkle

Herbal medicine
A subtropical plant that contains two anticancer alkaloids, vinblastine and vincristine; it has been used as a herb to treat stings and bleeding, and as a gargle for sore throat and respiratory complaints.
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The treatments evaluated included Azadirachta indica, Nicotiana tobacum, Vinca rosea, Benomyl 1 and water.
It reduced the incidence by 17.24% in comparison to Tagetes minuta, Nicotiana tobacum and Vinca rosea whose % reduction ranged from 5.84-9.8 considering distilled water as bench mark.
The fungicidal activity against Fusarium yellows by Tagetes minuta and Vinca rosea was rated as 5.0 mg [ml-.sup.1] compared to 10 mg [ml-.sup.1] for Nicotiana tobacum.
This finding suggests that Azadirachta indica is inhibitory to Fusarium growth at lower dosage than Nicotiana tobacum, Tagetes minuta and Vinca rosea with MIC ranging between 5.0 and 10.0 mg [ml-.sup.1].
Crude plant extracts from Tagetes minuta, Nicotiana tobacum, Vinca rosea and Azadirachta indica were effective in controlling Fusarium oxysporum with varying degree of efficacy over different growth stages of the bean plants.