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1. Physical or mental strength, energy, or force: Our vigor was depleted by the hot weather.
2. The capacity for natural growth and survival, as of plants or animals.
3. Strong feeling; enthusiasm or intensity: argued his point with great vigor.


Internal medicine A clinical study–Vioxx GI Outcomes Report comparing a proprietary COX-2 inhibitor to standard NSAIDs


(vĭg′or) [L.]
Active force or strength of body or mind.

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Q. Effexor Hi! I am new to the forum. I was diagnosed eight months ago with effexor - induced mania and now have been diagnosed as Bipolar II, rapid cycling, with mixed states. I have a 30 year old history of treatment-resistant depression. No mania prior to the effexor. I also self-treat the depression with one hour of vigorous exercise daily, sunlight, healthy diet, regular sleep, and no stimulants or depressants including coffee and alcohol. I take omega 3, magnesium malate, calcium, zinc, selenium, and super b-complex supplements as well.

A. Well, I found out that goats get depressed too and it only happens when they are mineral deficient. I think the mineral deficiency that causes more health problems and especially related to the brain is Copper. Evidently it is critical to the absorption of many other minerals. If you've tried St. Johns Wort and found that it helps at all, I would suggest that it is because SJW contains lots of copper. Another really excellent source of copper is Kelp. Actually kelp is an excellent source of all the minerals, especially all the ones not yet discovered by man. **Natures Version** If you are anemic, you cannot absorb the iron without copper. Copper also helps the body to absorb calcium. I understand that there is a coating of calcium on the nerves. Unless you are eating a really old fashioned diet of mostly raw and unprocessed foods grown in remineralized soil, the food you are eating is most likely stripping more minerals from your body than adding to.

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Vigors, who sells as Hillwood Stud and last night made 160,000gns for an Oasis Dream colt, has abandoned US-bred recruits, believing there has been a global shift against them.
Mr Vigors, of Chelmsford, Essex, died at Magaluf's Plaza Cafe bar within minutes of a friend removing a large piece of glass from his throat.
Vigors flew in Sir Douglas Bader's flight and gives an engrossing view of this famed ace.
Fundraising walkers Catherine Vigors and Julia Morgan give their feet a rest
Demerger is a straightforward mare from the good Juddmonte family of Auction House," Vigors adds.
In the Battle of Britain, Vigors and his Spitfires had somehow survived everything the Luftwaffe could throw at them and had knocked at least 12 Messerchmitts out of the sky.
Judy Vigors, an owner with Pip Payne, regrets the fact that the trainer has decided to sell his yard AS AN owner with Pip Payne since 1998, I, for one, will be very sad indeed not to be able to have a horse with him in future.
A man of energy and vision, Vigors is best regarded in racing as a prime force in the internationalisation of the industry.
Judy Vigors made a dream start to ownership when Sonatina romped home on her debut in the median auction race, writes George Ennor.
CHARLIE VIGORS, who has just completed a two-year stint as assistant trainer to Sir Mark Prescott, has landed a similar role with legendary US trainer Wayne Lukas, writes Carl Evans.