(Vidus) (vē'dē-yūs),
Guidi (Guido), Italian anatomist and physician, 1500-1569. See: vidian artery, vidian canal, vidian nerve, vidian vein.
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Bring many USB power packs to support the VidiUs, GoPro, etc., as they will allow longer life.
For setup, we used one iPad Air 2, one ASUS Router powered by battery and attached to a Verizon 4G-LTE card, one GoPro HERO 3+ Black connected via Teradek VidiU Mini (which our technical director, Nick Micozzi, wore on his head while he was switching on the iPad), and one Sony PMW-300 connected via Teradek VidiU Mini that received audio from a wireless handheld mic for our cofounder, Sports Illustrated NFL analyst Aaron Nagler.
To illustrate how one product, Vidius PortAuthority (made by the author's company), does this, let's go back to the example mentioned at the beginning of this article, where two temporary workers at a financial institution were illicitly collecting customer information and saving it in Excel spreadsheets.
Mark Kanok is vice president of Vidius, which makes software-based monitoring tools.
Mortification of the flesh and chastity are often powerful enough to destroy the vital heat of one's private parts, claims Venette, citing an eyewitness report by Vidus Vidius the Younger.
Et s'il est vrai ce que Vidus Vidius, le jeune, nous rapporte d'une personne Ecclesiastique qui avoit pendant toute sa vie garde [sic] exactement comme elle devoit, les regles de la bien-seance, nous ne devons pas douter que les parties de notre corps n'exercant pas Faction pour laquelle la Nature les a faites, elles ne se fletrissent et ne se dessechent en quelque facon' (Venette, 1691: 399).
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in Hippocratis Prognostica (Venice, 1597), Francois I's Italian physician, Vidus Vidius' Ars medicinalis (Venice, 1611), Jacques Guillemeau's luxurious, illustrated CEuvres de chirurgie, and the same 1613 edition of Abraham-Nicolas de La Framboisiere's CEuvres that we have already discussed.