Video Swallow Study

A non-invasive gastrointestinal endoscopy procedure in which a patient swallows a disposable 1.0 X 2.5 cm ‘pill’ containing a camera electronically linked to equipment housed in a holster outside of the patient which records images as it passes from the oesophagus through the entire tract and is excreted in the faeces.
Indications Imaging the small intestine between the distant duodeno-jejunal ‘junction,’ which is beyond the reach of upper GI endoscopy and the terminal ileum and is similarly beyond the reach of colonoscopy. It is of greatest use in identifying points of bleeding and ulcers
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Conventional barium radiographs remain the diagnostic investigation of choice, in doubtful cases video swallow study can be performed which can distinguish between subtle true webs and web like formations due to insignificant mucosal foldings and submucosal phenomena.2,3.
A video swallow study showed significant aspiration with the absence of a spontaneous cough.
By day 33, he passed his video swallow study and was allowed to eat.