Escobar, Victor

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Victor, 20th century U.S. physician.
Escobar syndrome - syndrome manifested by orthopedic and cranial anomalies due to recessive trait. Synonym(s): multiple pterygium syndrome
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Ch'ama creator Victor Escobar says the ancient residents of the area (the 'Indians') used to chew coca leaves to protect themselves against altitude sickness, which is locally known as soroche and can be quite disconcerting.
Vicos owner and manager Victor Escobar said that it is a highly fermented white beer with five percent alcohol content, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and has moderate aroma, color and flavor of coca leaf and hops.
Victor Escobar, 21, 79 Tavitian Blvd., Marlboro, charged with driving with a suspended license, to be dismissed upon payment $200 court costs; improper operation of a motor vehicle, responsible, filed; marked lanes violation, responsible, filed.