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Victor, Romanian bacteriologist, 1854-1926.
Babès-Ernst bodies - intracellular granules present in many species of bacteria, which possess a strong affinity for nuclear stains. Synonym(s): Babès-Ernst granules; Ernst-Babès granules
Babès-Ernst granules - Synonym(s): Babès-Ernst bodies
Babesia - a protozoan parasite.
Babès nodes - collections of lymphocytes in the central nervous system found in rabies.
Babès nodules - Synonym(s): Babès tubercles
Babès tubercles - cellular aggregations found around medulla oblongata and spinal ganglia in the presence of rabies or encephalitis. Synonym(s): Babès nodules
Ernst-Babès granules - Synonym(s): Babès-Ernst bodies
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We gratefully acknowledge Professor Pompilia Dehelean, Professor Danina Muntean and Associate Professor Florin Birsasteanu, from the "Victor Babes" University of Medicine and Pharmacy for their support.
The study took place in the Department of Esthetic Dentistry, University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Victor Babes" Timisoara.
Correspondence to: Cristina Nitu, Victor Babes Hospital for Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Bucharest, Romania.
Kirstin first visited Victor Babes Hospital in Bucharest in 1995 with the Romanian Children's Appeal Ireland and was touched by what she saw.