Martyr Syndrome

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A condition in which a person uses their suffering, self-sacrifice, and role as a victim to manipulate others into psychologically rewarding them for their ongoing misery
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Also, no need to play the victim syndrome as if the world is against us, but to instead focus on all the weaknesses and financial discrepancies as being pointed out by the FATF.
This Victim Syndrome following FATF grey-listing can only suffice to soothe our bitten prestige, but is not music to other people's ears.
He also written several books and articles on the topic of education, including The Dark Side of Educational Leadership: Superintendents and the Professional Victim Syndrome, published by Rowman & Littlefield (Dec 16, 2008), which he co-wrote with Peter Litchka.
Economist Mike Spanos talks of the 'victim syndrome' that islanders tend to be afflicted with.
No nuclear endgame that fails to address Iran's victim syndrome through some degree of highly monitored empowerment is a[umlaut] conceivable to me.
Katz); (23) Admissions to University-Based Programs: Faculty Assessment of Current Practices and Implications for Navigating the Future (Kaetlyn Lad); (24) Strategies for Surviving the Professional Victim Syndrome: Perspectives from Superintendents on Navigating the Political Waves of Contemporary Leadership (Walter S.
Mr Curry, the Conservative MP for Skipton and Ripon in North Yorkshire, and a former Shadow Agriculture Minister, told a meeting of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors at the Royal Welsh Show in Llanelwedd, that too many people in the dairy industry suffer from what he called 'victim syndrome'.
The deeply rooted victim syndrome has been manipulated over the past year by the mainstream media in order to rally the public around the flag.
To assess the two uses of syndrome evidence - to support a traditional justification and to underwrite a new justification - I shall use the example of the "battered victim syndrome," because it is surely the most litigated, legislated and written about.
Assume that a battered victim syndrome sufferer honestly believes that she is in deadly peril and kills the batterer, but in objective fact on this occasion, there is no confrontation and no immediate danger, even judged by reasonably-loosened imminence or immediacy requirements for the use of deadly force.
In response, advocates argue that the battered victim syndrome affects the sufferer's cognitive and volitional functioning, making it difficult or impossible for the sufferer to recognize or to utilize the alternatives.
The Europhobes have even developed a ludicrous victim syndrome. For years their papers delivered foam-flecked denunciations of pro-Euros.