Victim Art

A popular term for works (or alleged works) of art produced by those who have been victimised to some degree by society—e.g., those with AIDS, blacks, Hispanics, gays, the physically and mentally impaired and victims of violence
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Jones' Still/ Here, when the New Yorkers Arlene Croce--without having seen the work--complained about "dancers I'm forced to feel sorry for because of the way they present themselves: as dissed blacks, abused women or disfranchised homosexuals--as performers, in short, who make out of victimhood victim art.
Drug blamed for deaths victim Art student Charlotte Woodiwiss
CANCER VICTIM Art dealer and author Christopher Wood.
Thunder Rolling in the Mountains is a classic example of victim art, where the emphasis is placed solely on the victim and the story is simplified into broad stereotypes--in this case, the victimized Indians and the victimizing whites.
Insofar as I consider myself to be both an authentic victim of a capricious and ungovernable disease (for which I don't especially pity myself) and an authentic artist (for which I sometimes do), I have a clear reason for redeeming victim art by holding the literature of personal disaster to the standards I value in any other literature: nobility of purpose, intellectual stringency, linguistic precision and grace, freshness of insight, moral significance.
To make one's pain not pitiable but exquisite, exemplifying the human spirit's tenacity and triumph: the true value of victim art.
What Jones represents is something new in victim art - new and raw and deadly in its power over the human conscience.
She more or less acknowledges this time-(dis)honored tradition when she notes that victim art is "a politicized version of the blackmail that certain performers resort to, even great performers, like Chaplin, in his more self-pitying moments.