Vicq d'Azyr

Vicq d'A·zyr

(vēk dah-zēr'),
Félix, French anatomist, 1748-1794. See: Vicq d'Azyr bundle, Vicq d'Azyr centrum semiovale, Vicq d'Azyr foramen.
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Many, like the medical reformer Vicq d'Azyr, saw chances to campaign for changes that would give scientists more autonomy and influence on public policy.
In his Treatise on Anatomy and Physiology (1786), Vicq D'Azyr cited anatomy's poor standing in the scientific community and the psychological difficulties that the mastery of anatomy entailed for its students and teachers.
17) While the demanding nature of anatomical study, dramatized so eloquently by Vicq D'Azyr, had not impeded surgery's rise from craft to liberal profession over the course of the early eighteenth century, common modes of observing anatomy were insufficient for the specialized and even "foreign" (etrangere) science that was surgery at the end of the century.
For late eighteenth-century surgeons such as Vicq D'Azyr and Daniel de LaRoche surgery was a science devoid of the carnivalesque aspects of dissection-- the very manual labour that anatomy brought to surgery.