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Floral display in Vicia faba, and the distribution of a flower thrips Kakothrips pisivorus.
Desmodium (13 species), Dalea (12), Phaseolus (9), Crotalaria (8), Lupinus (6), Vicia (6), Astragalus (5), and Rhynchosia (4) were prominent in these communities.
[31.] Gupta V, Modgil R and M Kalia Effect of domestic processing on the in vivo protein quality of faba bean (Vicia faba).
obtusus eggs are usualy glued together and laid one by one or one on top of the other on the lower leaves and stalks of Vicia sp.
Aristotle suggests the most plausible answer, when he points out the resemblance between the shape of Vicia Fava and the human testicles.
It can concluded that the high protein, moderate fiber contents and high in vitro digestibility found in Ammophila arenaria, Trigonella maritime and Vicia monantha, Vicia sativa, Ononis vaginalis, Atriplex nummularia and Lycium shawii make them good quality wild forage plant species that can be used in ruminants' nutrition under Egyptian rangelands conditions.
rufimanus (BOH.) is a univoltine species developing within Vicia faba L.
Keywords: Botrytis fabae; Disease development; Leaf age; Plant defense; Vicia faba
Tufted vetch (Vicia cracca) was used as a fodder plant in South Uist, and it was believed a cow that ate it would 'take the bull' more easily - and earlier in the season.