infrared spectroscopy

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in·fra·red spec·tros·co·py

the study of the specific absorption in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum; used in the study of the chemical bonds within molecules.
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World's first curved chronograph movement features high-performance quartz technology with 262 kHz vibrational frequency for precision.
The vibrational frequency calculations were also performed using B3LYP/6-31G(d,p) level.
Your state of being, whether sad, elated, neutral, angry or joyful, is called your vibrational frequency.
The electronic nature of both the auxiliary ligands and polypyridyl functional group will considerably affect the electron density across the imidazole ring and therefore the vibrational frequency.
These figures show that the amplitude of the vibrational frequency decreased with respect to the increased ambient temperature.
Maximum absorption appeared at lmax 257.5nm, FTIR (KBr) showing the vibrational frequency of (N-H)str.
The system uses sensors that continuously acquire data on parameters such as vibrational frequency or temperature.
The SFG signal is dramatically enhanced when [[omega].sub.IR] is in resonance with a vibrational frequency of a molecule at an interface, thus showing a peak in the spectrum.
The makers of the new drinkable sunscreen say their product allows for 30 times more sun exposure "than normal."Its listed ingredients are distilled water and "multiple vibrational frequency blends."WebMD reports that a 100-ml bottle of UV Neutralizer, either tan-enhancing or non-tan-enhancing, sells for $30 online.

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