Vibration White Finger Syndrome

A musculoskeletal disorder, in which vibrating hand-held tools—e.g., electric drills, jackhammers and grinders—evoke vasospasms that are virtually identical to Raynaud phenomenon; plethysmographic studies reveal temperature-sensitive changes in blood flow, even in the absence of symptoms; with time, these individuals develop pain and numbness of the upper extremities suggestive of cervical, ulnar and median nerve entrapment
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VIBRATION white finger syndrome and respiratory disease are things which former coal miners and their families know only too well.
CARMARTHEN: Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP Adam Price is calling on former miners who believe they are eligible for compensation for vibration white finger syndrome to make sure they make their claims before October 31.
A 15-YEAR-old boy had to be treated at Alder Hey children's hospital for vibration white finger syndrome - caused by playing computer games.

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