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Duros® (leuprolide acetate) implant Oncology A device designed to provide once-yearly dosing of leuprolide for palliating advanced prostate CA. See Prostate cancer.
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The company also plans to develop a Men's Health specialty field force to support such current products as Cipro (ciprofloxacin) and Viadur (leuprolide acetate implant) with urologists and endocrinologists as well as the anticipated introduction of vardenfail.
The company is also optimistic over Viadur, a palliative treatment for advanced prostate cancer now in the launch phase, and for an erectile dysfunction drug that Bayer believes will win U.
The market is currently driven by the use of hormonal therapies: AstraZeneca's Zoladex (goserelin) and Casodex (bicalutamide), TAP Pharmaceutical Products' (Abbott/Takeda) Lupron (leuprolide subcutaneous injection or intramuscular depot), Sanofi-Aventis/Astellas Pharma's Eligard (leuprolide subcutaneous depot) and Bayer Schering Pharma's Viadur (leuprolide subcutaneous implant).
Bayer's Viadur (leuprolide), for the treatment of prostate cancer, will also be aligned with the Oncology unit.
Martell worked at Bayer Pharmaceutical Division; his last position was as Deputy Director Medical Science Unit, where he oversaw the Phase I and Phase II studies for BAY 43-9006 (Sorafenib, a RAF Kinase/VEGF/PDGF inhibitor) and the post-marketing clinical development of Viadur.
Avodart, Zoladex, Proscar, Casodex, Taxotere, Satraplatin, Plenaxis, EULEXIN, Trelstar Depot, Trelstar LA, Viadur, Gleevec, Avastin, Herceptin, Atrasentan, Acapodene, Actimid, OSI-461, Revimid, Eladem, GTI-2501, ILX-651, calcitrol, Genasense, Provenge , GVAX, SGN-15, Thalomid, Velcade, Lupron Depot, Histrelin, Eligard, ILX651, Vitaxin, J591, CG7870, BBR-3576, PCK3145, Leuvectin, Leuprolide, ProMaxx-100, Osaterone, Prinomastat, BLP25, Metaret, Chimax, Drogenil, Flutamide, EULEXIN, Onconase, IM862, MDX-010, Erbitux, Eladem, GTI-2040, Apomine, Eflornithine, Doxil, GTI-2501, Thalidomide, TG4010, KRX-0401, Yondelis, TRICOM Vaccine, Zarnestra